Our apparel is created with the goal of pushing current boundaries of design, construction and interaction. Each piece is uniquely crafted to provide more than you expect and push your experience beyond what you thought possible. In 2020, Tech Gear 5.7 Inc will becomes Fieldsheer Apparel Technologies and will be merging our two brands under the Fieldsheer umbrella. Read more about the rebranding here.

Our Brands

Mobile Warming Quick Brand Intro

Our patented Mobile Warming technology is specially engineered for cold environmental conditions. Whether you are riding a motorcycle, hunting, or enjoying other outdoor activities; our comprehensive heating solutions keep you warm and comfortable. Our exclusive heating system begins with utilizing ultra fine metal fiber heating elements powered by lightweight, rechargeable, and powerful Lithium-ion batteries. As heat builds our advanced materials reflect and direct heat back towards the body ensuring that you stay warm. Our combination of unique materials, construction techniques and innovative
design results in the most advanced heated gear available.

Mobile Cooling Quick Brand Intro

With a successful Launch in 2020 our Mobile Cooling technology has quickly received a wide range of praises. Available in a variety of forms including drirelease®,technical shirts, tanks, and hoodies, high-visibility cooling vests and shirts, cooling neck towels, cooling neck gaiters, and more. Also included in many of the garments, Sunsheer™ UPF50 fabric technology provides a protective barrier to the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB radiation. Taking it a step further, many of the garments feature Hydrologic™ technology. Hydrologic™ creates a fast reduction in body temperature resulting from the evaporation of a liquid. This removes latent heat from the surface from which the evaporation takes place. Fieldsheer® has 40 plus years of garment manufacturing and innovative textile designs. With the evolution of smarter clothing and a foundation for providing premium comfort and functionality to one of the largest demographics of outdoor enthusiast, Mobile Cooling Technology by Fieldsheer is sure to satisfy any outdoor enthusiast.